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Two sides of the same coin, indeed.

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Ian Somerhalder in Como, Italy (July 3, 2013)

Top 10 Elena Gilbert scenes: “He’s not dead!” 4x15 Stand By Me (4/10)

This is one of those very rare moments when Elena actually lets herself express all the grief and resentment she feels over Meredith turning her into a vampire without her knowledge. This episode is still very fresh, and when we read it, we’re so overwhelmed by the image of Elena mourning Jeremy that we tend to overlook things that aren’t related to it, but this scene is so loaded with all kinds of meanings. Elena hates that Meredith took away her choice, but it goes even deeper: she hates that she gets to live thanks to magic, when the Gilbert ring failed her brother; hates that magic saved her when it only kills others. (People die around her, and it matters.) On top of that, Elena feels overwhelmed by the supernatural world around her. The existence of the supernatural took her by surprise, and she had to adjust, but she never had time to fully process, and now this is just too much. In this world magic can protect you from death, but it wouldn’t protect Jeremy anymore, and in this moment of panic and desperation Elena genuinely doesn’t understand that. She doesn’t understand the world in which magic saves people, but only some of them, doesn’t understand how she’s the only one to have hope now, doesn’t understand why others gave up on resurrecting Jeremy, doesn’t fully understand why she didn’t. So in the last attempt to make sense out of this world, she screams for Bonnie: not just because Bonnie is a witch, but also because Bonnie makes sense, Bonnie’s presence makes sense and her love makes sense. At this moment, Elena isn’t just grieving. She’s completely and utterly confused, she lost faith in the “normal”, physical world she always held on to in the time of crisis (there is a reason why Elena repaints a room right after Alaric’s death), and she’s slowly losing faith in the supernatural, so she turns to Bonnie as her last resort. She still has faith in Bonnie.” (from Marta’s post: x)

Sassy Klefan.

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teen wolf memeeight characters [1/8] Jackson Whittemore

“For the record, I’m everybody’s type.”

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fangirl challenge [3/10 female characters] katherine pierce
fangirl challenge [3/10 female characters] katherine pierce

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you know maybe if stiles and derek stopped looking at one another like they’ve found the secret to the universe in each other’s eyes i’d stop shipping it but untILTHEN ITS FULL STEAM AHEAD

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